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AC & Heat RepairA properly working AC system in your vehicle in the Houston Heights neighborhood is a necessity, not a luxury. Summers can be brutally hot, and driving with your windows down is not going to stop you from arriving at your destination soaked in sweat. As we’ve also discovered, our area is not immune to prolonged cold weather either. There’s no reason to suffer extreme heat or cold in your vehicle when AC or heater issues can be affordably fixed at Master Car Care & Collision.

Auto AC Service Houston Heights TX

We’ve all done it before. We get into our vehicle, turn on the AC, crank the fan high, and wait for the icy air to blow. We keep holding a hand over a vent and think it’s happening too slow. Then we start to question whether it’s cold enough, and dread sets in. Car AC systems normally function very well over a long period, but over time require maintenance to continue to perform at their highest level. AC system failures can easily be avoided through pre-season check-ups, including leak detection and refrigerant pressure check and recharge.

Auto AC Repair Houston Heights TX

What are the signs that your vehicle’s AC system needs service or repair? Here are some common symptoms to look for:

  • The air blowing from the vents is warm or cool but not cold
  • The air doesn’t seem to be blowing as hard as it did in the past
  • Unusual noise when you turn on the fan
  • Moisture is dripping from below your dashboard
  • Strange odors when you use your AC

If any of these signs are happening when you use your vehicle’s AC, bring it in to Master Car Care & Collision for a fast and affordable repair.

Auto Heater Repair Houston Heights TX

We may not need our vehicle’s heat very often, but we expect it to work when we need it. Because we don’t use it often, it’s very easy for our car’s heating system to stop working without us knowing. At Master Care & Collision, we advise that you check your vehicle’s heat before winter sets in. After the engine warms up, turn on your heat and check for temperature, airflow, or any unusual smells. Don’t wait for that first chilly morning to discover your vehicle’s heat isn’t working. Check it early and if you’re having problems, bring it in to us for a fast repair that’s easy on the bank account.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

Master Car Care & Collision, located in the Houston Heights neighborhood, near Downtown Houston, Garden Oaks, Allen Parkway, Rice Military, and Oak Forest, has served our community since 2007, focusing on outstanding work and customer service. We go out of our way to ensure you’re happy with the work we perform and the service you receive. If your domestic, Asian, or European vehicle is experiencing AC or heating issues, bring it to us for a high-quality and affordable repair.

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