Transmission Service & Engine Repair

Transmission Service & Engine RepairIt’s often said that it’s cheaper to keep repairing a used car rather than buying a new one between monthly payments, loan interest, and higher insurance rates. Every day we work on vehicles at Master Care Care & Collision, we make that happen for our customers. Our fast diagnosis means quick, accurate, and affordable repairs. We’re a full-service auto repair shop, so we work on engines, transmissions, and drivetrains. If an engine or transmission replacement is needed, we can handle that too.

Transmission Repair & Service Houston TX

No one looks forward to that moment when their car isn’t shifting the way it’s supposed to. When this happens, we often immediately think of the worst-case scenario. But, a new transmission is not always the answer.

When your vehicle isn’t shifting correctly, it could be something other than the transmission or a minor repair to fix the problem. From transmission fluid flushes to adjustments and clutch replacements, we take care of your transmission issue at a low cost compared to replacing the whole transmission.

Transmission Replacement Houston Heights TX

Transmissions in today’s domestic, European, and Asian vehicles are high-tech pieces of machinery built to go a lot of miles. With routine maintenance and care, they can easily outlast your vehicle’s engine. But when they do wear out, the only option is to replace them.

In the past, auto repair shops would remove the old transmission, rebuild it with new parts, then reinstall it. This was a costly and time-consuming process. Today, companies that are experts with transmissions specialize in rebuilding them and selling these “re-mans” to auto repair shops to install. If the transmission in your vehicle needs to be replaced, Master Car Care & Collision in Houston Heights, TX can replace it with a high-quality remanufactured transmission that will get you back on the road a lot faster.

Engine Repair & Transmission Service Houston Heights TX

Like transmissions, today’s car engines are sophisticated pieces of machinery. Diagnosing and repairing them requires knowledge, skills, training, and tools far beyond what the shade tree mechanic of the past can do. At Master Car Care & Collision, we have what it takes for your car engine repair and service, whether you drive a Land Rover, a Chevy, or a Lexus. From alternators to AC compressors, head gaskets to timing belts, our ASE-certified mechanics can handle every engine repair your vehicle needs.

Engine Replacement Houston Heights TX

People love their cars, SUVs, and trucks and often prefer to replace an engine rather than give up the vehicle they love. Like with transmissions, specialized companies rebuild car engines and sell them to auto repair shops to replace them. This is a faster and more economical choice to removing and rebuilding the current engine. Our technicians are very experienced at removing damaged engines and replacing them with very high-quality remanufactured engines in domestic, Asian, and European vehicles.

Whether your vehicle needs a new engine or transmission or just a minor repair, don’t stress. Call us at Master Car Care & Collision, located in the Houston Heights neighborhood, near Downtown Houston, Garden Oaks, Allen Parkway, Rice Military, and Oak Forest, today for fast and affordable car engine and transmission repair and service.

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